We're 5 years old! We were born in 2012 with the aim of providing short and medium haul flights from Madrid, which are also connected to a large network of destinations through the Grupo Iberia. Ever since the beginning, we have grown in a sustainable and profitable way thanks to a unique business model in the industry in which the cost efficiency that is synonymous with a low cost airline is perfectly combined with the experience of a unique, special flight. Our company, which is dynamic with an innovative soul, is characterised by illusion, commitment and excellence, traits which have allowed us to achieve all the success we have in our short, but intense life. Let's go for another five years!

Come on board and see our evolution

To talk about Iberia Express' first passenger flight we have to go back to 25 March 2012. It was a flight from Madrid to Alicante that made all of us that form part of Iberia Express full of excitement. Since then we have operated more than 150,000 flights, transported more than 21 million passengers and lived thousands of stories on-board. We put an effort in every day so that every journey is an unforgettable memory.

And we're always thinking about our passengers, they're what are most important to us and they're the reason that we strive to offer the best of ourselves; improving and perfecting our procedures day-by-day. Five years after this first flight, we have achieved targets that show that our efforts have not been in vain. So much so, that in 2014, 2015 and 2016 we were the most punctual airline in the world and we had the lowest flight cancellation rate. But we're not happy with simply transporting our passengers; we want to be able to offer them a unique experience, that makes them excited throughout the journey, because all of our flights have one destination in common: client satisfaction.

This year we're thrilled to be blowing out our five birthday candles, and we're turning this excitement into energy with which we can face the challenges that await us. Jump on-board!

Know our story
Palma de Mallorca

An incomparable team

Turning 5 is an absolute pleasure, especially because we are fulfilling the goals that were expected of Iberia Express: efficiently compete with the low cost operators and reinforce the connecting traffic from the Madrid hub. And we're doing that all whilst being the world's most punctual low cost airline! This is all down to the commitment, effort and eagerness of the fantastic human team.

Fernando Candela

Fernando Candela


These have been 5 years in which we have achieved goals that we never imagined when we started. All of this is thanks to the eagerness, drive, hard work, responsibility and commitment from everyone at Iberia Express. And if we keep going with those same attributes I am convinced that we can only expect great challenges for the future.

Carlos Gómez

Carlos Gómez

Operations Director